The Florida State Guard is the state’s civilian defense force that assists Floridians during natural disasters or man-made emergencies.

Do you want to be a part of the Florida State Guard?

Do you have what it takes to mobilize during times of crisis?

Florida is seeking highly dedicated individuals between the ages of 18 and 60, to volunteer for the Florida State Guard (FSG). The FSG will provide an organized, trained, disciplined, rapid response volunteer force to assist federal, state, and local government agencies and civil relief organizations during impending or actual emergencies to assure the welfare and safety of the citizens of Florida.

If you love the state of Florida, have a desire to help your community, and have skills beneficial to protect the state during times of crisis, we encourage you to apply. Skilled Floridians with experience in emergency response, law enforcement and military veterans are especially encouraged to apply. Ideal candidates will have demonstrated experience and training in military style operations, emergency management, leadership, and problem-solving skills in a variety of operations across the full spectrum of crisis response.

More about Florida State Guard:
(1) CREATION AND AUTHORIZATION. —The Florida State Guard is created as authorized under federal law for use exclusively within the state, activated only by the Governor under the specific limitations created by this section, and is at all times under the final command and control of the Governor as commander in chief of all military and guard forces of the state. The Florida State Guard is created and authorized as a component of the organized guard separate and apart from the Florida National Guard and shall be used exclusively within the state for the purposes stated in this section and may not be called, ordered, or drafted into the armed forces of the United States.